Monthly Archives: June 2007

  1. OK! Weekly Father's Day Gift Guide

    From grilling to gadgets, OK!'s picks are great for any dad.

    Men's grooming products, Every Man Jack, $5 each;


    - OK! Weekly, June 2007

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  2. Pregnancy & Newborn

    Stud Swag


    - June 2008

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  3. Saturday Night Magazine


    Saturday Night Magazine - June 2008

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  4. The Product Switch

    10 Must-Have Summer Style Essentials

    Here's what to stock up on-and what to put in storage-during the warmer months.

    Every Man Jack Face Scrub - When it's humid, you don't need a pre-shave oil. Use an exfoliator instead. It not only preps skin but sloughs off the city layer that's been exposed to the sun.


    - Details, May 2008

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