Monthly Archives: November 2008

  1. The It List

    Minty Cool

    Every Man Jack, Target's affordable line of men's products, was a pleasant surprise. We tested a Beginner's Luck bathroom kit ($25). The Signature Mint shower gel was a delightful, thick-foaming body wash that actually cooled the skin with a sort of menthol effect. It was like showering in peppermint schnapps - and that's good, very good. The Signature shave gel produced a nice not-too-rich lather that made for a surprisingly comfortable trip with the razor.

    - The Plain Dealer, November 2008

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  2. bellasugar

    Bella Bargain: A Guy Gift That Just Looks Expensive

    Can we be honest for a second? The average dude is probably fine, just fine, with using the Colgate shave cream and Axe body spray that he's been using since peach fuzz first appeared on his face. Same goes for my dad — he's an Old Spice man through and through. But sometimes it's nice to switch things up for the gents and give them something a little more upscale.

    Enter Every Man Jack, a San Francisco-based line of men's grooming goodies. The line is free of dyes, phthalates, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Though the sleekly designed packaging makes you think you'd find this at Barneys, it's available at Target. If you're looking for a great gift

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