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  1. Instinct

    Image - A Winter's Tale

    These gift sets will keep your man warm through these chilly months, looking-and feeling-hot, hot, hot!

    Every Man Jack Cedarwood Body Kit - The set contains Every Man Jack's popular cedarwood body wash, body bar and face lotion. It also includes a mini travel shave kit, which contains mint face wash, shave cream, face lotion and SPF 15 lip balm packaged in a travel-size toiletry bag. Every Man Jack's products are the perfect gift for anyone, including the eco-groomer.

    - Instinct, January 2009

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  2. Genre

    Holiday Gift Guide

    New holiday kits, which are availabel at Target stores nationwide, as well as

    - Genre, December 2008

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  3. Grooming Parlour

    Men’s Health names EMJ Pomade as one of the 21 Best Styling Products for men.


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  4. Maintain Your Mane

    Step one when you start losing your hair: Blame your parents, because their bad genes are the most likely cause. Step two: Do something about it. A host of new products, plus every-evolving science, can help hold baldness at bay - as long as you act early. Here are some of the best solutions.

    Bulk Up Strands - When used regularly, volumizing products can plump up thin hair. Every Man Jack Thickening Grooming Cream leaves a thin coating on hair and attaches moisture to frizzy hair.

    - Men's Health, October 2009

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  5. Maxim Moisturizer

    If your medicine cabinet holds more beauty crap than your girlfriend's (and/or you have a Sephora charge card), it's time to pull back a bit, Betty. You don't need serums or “collagen-boosting” masks. However, you must slap on moisturizer after every shower and shave. It isn't girly. It's an investment.

    face lotion | fragrance free

    Light, nongreasy. The best low-cost lotion out there.

    -Maxim, November 2009

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    Gifts for Boyfriend

    Stop stressing about what to buy your boyfriend for the holidays. The perfect gift is right here!

    Every Man Jack Shave Kit

    -, November 2009

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  7. Saturday Night Magazine

    For the Boys

    face scrub | signature mint

    Gentle scrub with deep cleaning action to remove dirt and oil for smoother skin.

    -Saturday Night Magazine, November 2009

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