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  1. We are big fans of Every Man Jack

    “We are big fans of natural products. That is why we are fans of Every Man Jack. Every Man Jack is a large line with everything from sun protection, age defying, hair care, deodorant, and a complete shave line. So next time you head to Whole Foods Market be sure to hit up the grooming aisle and stock up.”

    - The Manual

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  2. The Fashion List

    Not only are they talking the talk, the brand is walking the walk.

    "I found this cleanly designed, no-nonsense looking, accessible product line that was not only well packaged, but well priced. What wasn’t to love? I’ve since become obsessed and stock it in quantity my cabinet for fear that it too may go away (I’m a bit OCD). But, judging from the way the line has grown, both in breadth and distribution, I’m thankful to say that I believe my fears are for naught. Every Man Jack is here to stay!"

    - The Fashion List

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  3. Men’s Fitness dubbed it the ‘Double-Duty' Shampoo

    "You wouldn’t guess from its minty scent that soy protein is the driving force behind this double-duty shampoo’s strengthening and thickening power."

    - Men's Fitness

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  4. The Gentleman’s Beach Bag

    “As your toolkit for the shore will make or break your trip to the shore—we’ve curated the essential carry for winning any beach weekend. We call it the Gentleman’s Beach Bag, and it’s got everything from the lotion for your nose to the seat for your bottom, and all manner of shenanigans for the in-between.”

    - Kempt (subsidiary of Urban Daddy)

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  5. Every Man Jack | Sandalwood

    “From coconut-infused shampoo, to a face lotion of jojoba oils, this strong range of men's toiletries will leave your skin and hair smelling great and gleaming.”

    – Gear Culture

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  6. Buzzfeed praised our Body Wash

    “These body washes not only smell GREAT, but are also natural based, containing no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, and no sodium lauryl sulfate. But best of all, they come at a great price.”

    - Buzzfeed

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  7. Amazing Wellness experienced an Amazing Deodorant

    “With a manly smelling blend of citrus, rosemary, and sage oils, this aluminum free deodorant neutralizes odors and works to absorb sweat.”

    – Amazing Wellness

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