We strive to bring naturally derived formula and recyclable packaging at an accessible and affordable price. Today, we continue to take steps to bring you the best ingredients and packaging for you and the environment.

Naturally Derived

We strive to use as many naturally derived and plant-based ingredients as possible, while still delivering exceptional performance.

50% PRC

Our shampoo and body wash bottles are made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. We will continue to incorporate recycled materials into our packaging whenever possible.

Gluten Free

Look for our Gluten Free symbol on products that contain no gluten or wheat derived ingredients. Our shampoo, shave cream, and citrus body bars are the few items in our assortment that are not Gluten Free.

Cruelty Free

All of our products are certified as Cruelty Free by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization. We have never tested our formulas on animals and never will.


The majority of Every Man Jack products are vegan friendly. With the exception of some hair styling products, lanolin from sheep's wool, and lip balm, beeswax.

Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen

Our daily face SPF does not contain oxybenzone, a chemical sunscreen that has been found to harm the ecosystems of coral reefs.

Aluminum Free

Our deodorants do not contain aluminum. Instead we use Cotton Extract and Witch Hazel to help absorb wetness.

Polyethylene Free

All of our face and body scrubs are made with biodegradable jojoba esters, free of plastic microbeads.

Made in the USA

We proudly formulate and manufacture all of our products in the United States with the exception of the shave brush and razors which are sourced internationally. More specifically, our manufacturing takes place at facilities located in Minnesota, California, Vermont and Texas.

Phthalate Free

Our products are free of Phthalates.

Dye Free

Our products contain no dyes.

Paraben Free

Our products are free of Paraben preservatives.

Chemical Propellant Free

We use compressed air in place of chemicals.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Free

We use a coconut derived surfactants.